Traversing wall panel



The panels are weatherproof and coated with a non slip surface and have 3 rows of foot holds and 3 rows of handholds. Footholds do not exceed 600mm from the bottom of the panel so no safety surfacing is required and the top row of handholds is 1800mm from the bottom of the panel. There is a 600mm gap between the top row of footholds and bottom row of handholds to prevent the wall being used for climbing.

Panels can be painted to make them more colourful and the top edge cut to form a wave or whatever shape may be required.

High grip holds in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes, Club 2 range (other shapes such as alphabet or numbers available as an option)
2.4m x 1.2m plywood panel with a high grip polyester coating and BZP fixings at 12/m2 (stainless steel fixings and marine ply are available as an option for exterior use)
Bolts and special hex head key
Prices are for supply only for 1 panel with 18 holds and 18 fixings per linear metre.

Please contact us for an installation quote. We will need to carry out a site survey prior to installation to assess the wall or structure to which these are to be fitted and its suitability.