Trampoline coverall pads



These are foam filled pads fully covered with a nylon reinforced PVC cover and all stitched for exceptional durability. We supply coverall pads for most Flashfold trampoline sizes including those with coaching sides. When ordering replacement coaching side pads specify the total length of the wide side on the frame as these vary from make to make. (Some have the wide side on the side rails only whilst others have the wide side on part and even the full length of the end section.)

Elevated competition type foam pads for Dinamite trampolines are fully covered with nylon reinforced PVC cover for exceptional durability. The elevators help reduce the noise created by the springs on the pads.

77A standard
77A with coaching sides (specify length)
Goliath standard
Goliath with coaching sides (specify length)
Prices are for a full pad set for the entire trampoline.

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36" diameter bouncer, 77A, 77A, coaching sides, Dinamite/Dinamic, Goliath, Goliath, coaching sides, Grasshopper, Junior