Traditional balance benches


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Our traditional balance benches are British made using high quality timber, and are available in a variety of sizes and with or without end hooks.
The benches have a smooth lacquered 10″ (250mm) wide top and a 2″ (50mm) wide balance rail on the bottom with wide legs and high grip rubber feet for stability. The top has 4 rubber buttons to grip and protect the floor when using the balance rail (with the bench upside down). Benches are 12″ (300mm) high, and are available in 3 different lengths: 6′ (1.83m) long (lightweight); 8’9″ (2.67m) long for primary schools and 11′ (3.35m) long for secondary schools.

Balance benches come with or without hooks on each end. Where a bench needs to be hooked on to a piece of apparatus eg wallbars, 2 hooks on one end are required; where a bench needs to be hooked to 2 pieces of apparatus eg 2 trestles, 4 hooks (2 either end) are required. If these activities are not required benches can be ordered without hooks.

The benches are also available with castors for ease of movement. A pair of castors is fitted at one end and will only engage when the bench is lifted from the opposite end, ensuring they do not cause any movement when the bench is in use.

Our balance benches are superbly constructed with a lacquered soft wood top with 50mm deep side rails for extra strength (some cheaper benches use thinner tops and smaller side rails which whilst looking similar do not provide the same strength and durability), and a balance rail with ends dovetailed into the legs for optimum structural rigidity.

10″ (250mm) wide laquered top with 4 rubber buttons
2″ (50mm) wide balance rail
12″ (300mm) high legs with rubber feet
Lightweight 6′ (1.83m) long; Junior 8’9″ (2.67m) long; Senior 11′ (3.35m) long
Available with end hooks and castors

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11' long with castors and 2 hooks, 11' long with castors, no hooks, 11' long, 2 hooks, 11' long, 4 hooks, 11' long, no hooks, 6' long with castors and 2 hooks, 6' long with castors, no hooks, 6' long, 2 hooks, 6' long, 4 hooks, 6' long, no hooks, 8' 9" long, 2 hooks, 8' 9" long, 4 hooks, 8' 9" long, no hooks, 8'9" long with castors and 2 hooks, 8'9" long with castors, no hooks