Top roll curtain

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The Top-Roll Gym Curtain is probably the neatest and most aesthetically pleasing dividing curtain available. The curtain rolls on to a tube the width of the hall and is lowered electrically to form an effective divider. This can even be installed so the curtain will roll-up through a 300mm (12″) wide opening, storing above the ceiling area to further enhance the aesthetics of your installation.

The curtain has a 9oz PVC mesh upper section welded to a solid PVC bottom section providing a full screen to divide the 2 areas. There is a weighted steel bar at the bottom which sits just above the floor holding the curtain flat and providing a good stop to prevent balls going under the curtain into the opposite area.

The curtain has no exposed wires or straps and the lift/lower motors are inside the top tube with limit switches set at installation to stop the curtain at the required position. All you do is press up for up and down for down and wait.

The Top-Roll diving curtain features:
super quiet, synchronized internal tubular motors
special roller assembly to provide extra smooth operation and wrinkle free fabric
curtain upper section is 9oz vinyl coated mesh and is available in white, yellow, red, blue and black
curtain lower section is available in 18oz or 22oz solid vinyl up to 2.4m high
18oz vinyl is available in black, marine blue, royal blue, beige, yellow, orange, red, white, gray kelly green, forest green and maroon
22oz vinyl is available in royal blue, red and gray
divider curtain has welded seams, fully padded bottom batten with no exposed hardware
mounting assemblies allow for easy installation and leveling which adapts to steel or other structures
fabric rolls within 350mm (14”) of ceiling or overhead for maximum clearance

To order please specify
height and width of curtain required
mesh size and colour of net curtain
sight screen height and colour
height and description/dimensions of structure to which trackway is to be fixed

Price subject to specification and installation requirements.

For an installation quote please provide us your site details. See the technical section for further details and specifications.

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