Super Pro electronic scoreboard


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The scoreboard offers a wide range of features including individual player information. It is operated from a radio controlled remote console which is pre-programmed with 8 sports: Basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, football and hockey. The display has a wide variety of functions, with bright LED 25 & 30cm high digits which are readable at up to 160 metres, and includes score, time, period, score per set, programmable team name, individual player names, numbers & info. The scoreboard features a horn volume up to 120dBa (at 1 metre). The Super Pro is FIBA approved*

Super Pro scoreboard features:
Wall mounted, multi function, multi display
Programmable radio controlled remote console
LED display visible up to 160 metres
Programmable team & player info
120dBa horn
Dimensions: 6.9m x 2.5m x 90mm
Weight: 170kg
FIBA approved*

Other variations are available in the Super Pro scoreboard range.
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* FIBA is the International Basketball Federation, the sports World Governing body