Scramble net


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Scramble nets are normally fitted to either side of the frame so there is an inclined ascent and descent but some older frames have just 1 scramble net hanging vertically.

Scramble nets are made in 18mm polypropylene with 300mm (12″) squares. All squares are knotted and the perimeter rope is spliced to each mesh line. The net needs to be laced to the frame with 10mm or 12mm polyester or hemp cord (polypropylene should not be used as it will cut through the scramble net cord) which is not supplied.

We can make to any size though our standard sizes are:

19′ high x 15′ wide (5.8m x 4.5m)
18′ high x 12′ wide (5.5m x 3.6m)
15′ high x 13′ wide (4.6m x 4.0m)
18′ high x 15′ wide (5.5m x 4.6m)
11′ high x 13′ wide (3.4m x 4.0m)

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11' x 13', 13' x 15', 16mm hemp, 18' x 12', 18' x 15', 19' x 15'