Rebound boards



Rebound boards can be used to create a dividing wall between different games eg five-a-side football, hockey, basketball courts or badminton and can be used to segregate areas for CV or resistance equipment, making a safe walkway, for enclosing storage areas along the sides of sports halls, or to create individual playing areas within a larger pitch eg creating five a side areas.

Rebound board panels fit to posts at each end which fit into sockets inserted into the floor. Sockets are required for each post and must be installed in the floor by a specialist. By using in line posts, corner posts, “T” joint posts and four way posts almost any combination of boards can be assembled to create the playing areas most suitable for the hall eg the rebates for the five a side goals pictured. Rebound boards can be removed simply from the posts by two people using the lifting handles, one each end, and wheeled away (each end plate has a small wheel at the bottom) to a storage area or put on a storage trolley. The posts can then be removed and caps fitted to the floor sockets to provide a flush playing surface.

Rebound board gate sections can be installed wherever you need an opening for transporting equipment or as a through way. Gates can be made in non standard sizes to suit particular requirements and all long gate sections have a wheel at the outer end to support the section.

Where hard balls are being used – such as in hockey – or where very heavy use is to be expected, protective metal strips – “Kick Plates” – can be fitted along the lower edge of the board and gate sections on one or both sides. We can also fit replacement panels for your existing boards. These will need your existing end plates fitted which we can arrange if required at an additional cost.

Standard rebound board size 2.4m x 1.2m x 32mm including end plates
Standard gate size 1.0m x 1.2m x 36mm without kick plates (a 1.4m wide gate is also available)
In line posts, corner posts, 3 way or “T” posts or 4 way “X” posts sections to create whatever layout you need – posts are required between every panel or gate section, and at ends and corners.
Socket for fitting in the floor including a flush fitting cap to leave a flush playing surface when the socket is not in use
Standard colours blue or green but others are available as a special order

For an installation quote please provide us your site details. See the technical section for further details and specifications.

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