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The pitch divider system allows large external playing areas to be divided with netting. The end posts are normally fitted outside any perimeter fence to allow unrestricted use of the playing area. Pitch dividers are ideal for segregating outdoor courts quickly and effectively whether tennis, basketball, netball or cricket. This is a much heavier duty system than the cricket wicket divider and utilises 100mm square section posts which are galvanised and then powder coated for durability. These can span up to 63m and are available in 2.7m, 3m and 3.6m heights.

Netting is 50mm x 2mm thick knotted polypropylene mesh which is very hardwearing. This is attached to a 4mm wire rope headline which when tensioned provides minimal sag. The netting should be 10% longer than the overall span to allow some gather and for it to sit properly on the ground.

100mm square end post with top pulley and cleats and eyebolts (for tieing the net)
100mm square winch post with top pulley and 100kg load brake type winch with detachable handle
All posts sold as a set (1 winch post and 1 anchor post) and are available in 2.7m, 3m and 3.6m heights (above ground)
4mm cable headline with loop one end
Snap hooks or stainless steel split rings for attaching the net to the top cable
6mm cord for tensioning the bottom edge and middle of the net to stop it billowing in the wind or alternatively 180mm steel pegs for securing the bottom of the net to the ground
optional freestanding intermediate posts at 8m intervals for supporting heavier nets
the end posts need to be set firmly in 1m3 concrete.

Posts are priced for a pair (1 winch post and 1 anchor post). Netting, top wire and hooks and accessories are found under the cricket wicket divider.

For an installation quote please provide us your site details. See the technical section for further details and specifications.

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