Padded wall panel



The panel covering is a tough, washable, tear resistant, flame retardant nylon backed PVC with 2″ wide velcro type strips sewn into the back panel to allow these to be stuck to any surface (to the special padded wall battens). The infill is 33kg/m3 density, closed cell, cross linked expanded polyethelene foam making these mats exceptionally durable and giving excellent shock absorption. We can make special foam padded panels any size to fit to walls, columns, buttresses or any obstruction to protect users on impact. Panels are normally 40mm thick but can be made 50mm thick for extra protection.

The battens have velcro on one side and are fitted to a wall or surface which allows the pads to be fastened to create a padded wall or cell for combat training or martial arts or protection. We recommend 3 strips of velcro are used per panel, 1 on each edge and 1 in the middle.

The pads and battens are sold separately.
Price for a standard 2m x 1m x 40mm panel with velcro on backing
Price per metre of battens

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Batten 2m, Pad