Olympic climbing rope frames


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Rope frames can support climbing ropes, rope ladders, hand rings or a trapeze and are an alternative to a rope trackway where the ceiling structure does not permit installation of a trackway. Rope frames are wheeled into position and located with shoot bolts at the bottom and straining cables at the top.

Hinges can be made to project to clear radiators or pipes near floor level and the top hinge can be fitted up to 1/3 from the top if windows prevent a higher fixing.

Height 10′ (3048mm), 12′ (3658mm) or 15′ (4572mm)
Width 12′ (3658mm)
4 fixing points allow up to 4 climbing ropes or 2 rope ladders, hand ring sets or trapeze sets
Price for frame only – ropes or accessories must be ordered separately.

To order
Select the height of rope frame you require
Select the number of ropes, ladders, hand ring or trapeze kits you require
Provide us with a site layout, drawing and measurements or call us for a site survey
State floor type and whether there is underfloor heating
State wall construction type and whether wall pads are required

Please contact us for an installation quote.

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10' high, 12' high, 15' high