Mini tramp, Trampino (Copy)



Adjustable height legs allow the height and frame angle to be changed. Mini tramps are supplied with elastic springs which can be loosened or tightened to adjust the bounce, or steel springs which offer a longer lifespan. They also have full nylon reinforced PVC coverall pads and webbed or solid mesh nylon beds. Solid beds are recommended for schools and institutional use as they are firmer than webbed beds.

Size of all frames 1.17m x 1.17m
Height 320mm (13″) at front and 560mm (22″) at back (both adjustable)
25mm bed
13mm bed
6mm bed
Solid bed
Steel springs
Elastic springs

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13mm bed, steel springs, 25mm bed, elastic springs, 25mm bed, steel springs, 6mm bed, steel springs, Solid bed, elastic springs