Junckers Classic Beech


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Junckers Clip Sports Floor System is a fully floating area elastic floor based on 22mm solid boards fixed together with clips and laid on a resilient foam underlay. The floor system is an area elastic type of sports floor with medium shock absorbency and elasticity particularly suitable for fitness and aerobics as well as in refurbishment projects.

The construction height is 27mm or 32mm, depending on the thickness of the foam underlay. The floor system will conform to EN 14904:A3 when 10mm foam is used.

Specifications and site requirements
Boards are prefinished and in a 2 strip pattern each board being 3700mm x 129mm x 22mm
Boards are laid on a foam base – 5mm and 10mm thick foams are available
Boards are held together with clips
Board ends are glued to the next one with a PVA type glue
Concrete subfloor needs to be level to a tolerance of +/-2mm over 1.5m and with a finish equivalent to that produced by a wood float
Moisture content of floor and walls not greater than 8%
Relative humidity between 40% and 60%
A vapour barrier is recommended for ground floor installations

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Classic Beech