Hinged double beam



Niels Larsen wall hinged double beam with counterbalanced beams. Hinged beams store flat against a wall (they can span a doorway with the beams raised) and are wheeled into the operating position hinged at the wall (the outer upright has a fixed wheel at the bottom). The beam is located with 2 straining cables running at approximately 45 degrees from the outer edge and 2 shootbolts into the floor. The 2 counterbalanced beams are operated by ropes and slide up and down in channels in the wood uprights each end. The beams are locked at the required height with a pin each end and rubber wedge to ensure they are tight.

Beams can be supplied as an option with the Olympic lifting wheeling gear and ceiling autolok and 2 gravity bolts into the floor. The lifting wheeling gear makes operation simple and safe – as you push down on the lifting device the bottom and top of the upright disengage from the floor plates and the top lock and the wheels are lowered. The beam is then wheeled to the open position and as the lifting arm is released the wheels retract and the gravity bolts engage in the floor plates and the top lock engages (where fitted). Simply push the arm, wheel and release and nothing more.

These are available in the following heights and widths:
Height 13’9″ (4200mm), or 17′ (5200mm)
Width 11’8″ (3600mm)

To order
Select the beam you require, the height and width, and whether timber is to be coloured
Provide us with a site layout, drawing and measurements or call us for a site survey
State floor type and whether there is underfloor heating
State wall construction type and whether wall pads are required

Please contact us for an installation quote. For specifications and more details see technical.

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4.2m high, 5.2m high