High jump landing areas, 7 module



All feature an extra strong design with a heavy duty, UV stabilised PVC cover. There is also the option of a spikeproof wearsheet to protect them from spiked athletic shoes, which is reversible to help prolong its life. These 50mm thick sheets sit on top of the landing area, and are designed to prevent damage to the landing mats from spiked athletic shoes. These are constructed from the highest grade of mesh to ensure the best possible resistance to damage and are reversible to help prolong life span.

When the landing area is not being used, the individual mats can be used for indoor PE and gymnastics.

The landing area comprises 3 x ‘A’ module mats, 4 x ‘B’ module mats plus a PVC coverall or optional spike proof wearsheet.

Total sizes:
With PVC coverall 5m x 2.5m x 510mm.
With spike cover 5m x 2.5m x 560mm.

Individual mat sizes:
‘A’ module mats are 2.5m x 1.66m x 255mm each.
‘B’ module mats are 2.5m x 1.25m x 255mm each.

Replacement PVC coveralls and spike proof wearsheets can be purchased seperately (see GMCO400 & 500).
See also: High jump landing areas (For practice, club, competition & international areas).

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Replacement PVC cover, Replacement wearsheet, with PVC cover, with spike cover wearsheet