Floor drugget


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It is flame retardant, breathable and gives good grip.
Drugget is supplied in panels which are laid out across the floor. Velcro strips along the edges then join each panel together.
When not in use, the drugget can be folded or rolled up and stored.
PVC backed versions can also be purchased, but we do not recommend these as they do not allow the natural wood floor to ‘breathe’.

Heavy duty 18oz flame retardant cotton canvas
breathable, with good grip qualities
Colour is green/beige
All edges are hemmed and sides have 50mm velcro type fastener sewn in
Supplied with strong pvc/polyurethane drawcord bags for storing each panel
Druggets can be stored in the bags on a flat trolley, or rolled on a wooden criel

We recommend drugget panels are transported on a sack truck or storage trolley.
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Guide price shown is per square metre. Please contact us with your exact dimensions for a quote.

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Cotton canvas, per m2