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Flexipor provides a point elastic and area elastic (with the sprung base) floor with excellent performance characteristics – the PU surface is yielding, quickly restores profile and has excellent ball bounce and shock absorbtion for reducing muscle and joint fatigue and it can be easily re-surfaced or repaired. Ongoing maintenance is minimal. The floor has undergone stringent tests and complies with BS7044 parts 1 & 4 and DIN18032.

The surface comprises
a granular rubber shock pad glued to the substrate and sealed with epoxy filler – normally 7mm thick but can be more (RH surface is normally 5mm thick but can be more and with an additional coat of polyurethane to stiffen the base)
a seamless layer of self levelling polyurethane laid over the shock pad – normally 2mm thick
a matt non-skid and non-reflective wearing coat laid over the polyurethane
line markings painted over the wear coat where required
a clear coat of polyurethane painted over the top (optional).

The substrate should be
concrete, sand-cement screed, bitumen macadam (hot applied type) or an existing sound timber or Granwood floor
smooth and even with a tolerance not exceeding +/-3mm over a 3m length
of adequate compressive strength
sufficiently dry and free from any contamination (maximum moisture content of 75% tested in accordance with BS8203)

Flexipor is available in the following specifications to meet different performance criteria:
Flexipor MF polyurethane sports floors are a top quality multifunctional point elastic sports floor suitable for all traditional indoor sports, PE and gymnastics, exhibitions, concerts, examinations and speech days
Flexipor ME polyurethane sports floors are a top performance sports floor with a multilastic surface ie combining the benefits of an area elastic and point elastic floor. This surface uses a sprung cradle and batten (or foam pad) base with usually the MF multifunctional sports surface. This is suitable for all traditional indoor sports, PE and gymnastics, exhibitions, concerts, examinations and speech days
Flexipor RH polyurethane sports floors are a mixed elastic sports floor with a harder polyurethane surface to reduce rolling resistance suitable for roller blading, roller hockey and wheelchair sports
Flexipor GP polyurethane sports floors are a general purpose polyurethane surface which is ideal for school halls which are used for assemblies, meals, PE, outside functions and a bit of everything. The shockpad is reduced to 4-5mm, then surfaced with one coat of the RH system to give stability followed by the MF system. We recommend also that the final wear coat is covered with a clear coat which aids cleaning where a floor is regularly used for meals. This surface is ideal for refurbishing existing halls as the system can often be laid over the old floor saving disposal costs
Flexipor RS polyurethane sports floors are a tough polyurethane surface used for resurfacing existing floors. This is a tough polyurethane that will blend with other makes of polyurethane floor and is excellent for sealing repairs. This will give similar performance characteristics to the MF surface.

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