Electric winch


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This is a single phase 240v electric winch with the winch motor fully enclosed within the winch drum and with internal adjustable limit switches. The winch is operated by a key switch as standard or a remote control handset as an optional extra. This can be fitted to almost any lifting basketball goal or storage pouch to provide safe and fast operation and should be fitted at just over 2m height on a wall or at ceiling height ideally by the goal hinge point or storage pouch lifting pulley. A single phase spur must be provided within 1m of the winch location (for remote operation) or key switch location (for switch operation).

Electric winch unit with approximately 1m of lead
Raise/lower switch unit
No cable or conduit for the switch is included as this must be installed by an electrician

Please contact us for an installation quote.

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Key switch, Receiver, Replacement motor inc receiver, Winch complete