Cricket nets storage pouch



Storage pouch in heavy duty nylon backed PVC cover with eyelets on both long edges (one edge for fixing to the wall and one for lifting and attaching to the wall fittings). These are ideal for storing cricket net lanes or net curtains where L or U shaped trackway has been fitted as this method stores the net parallel to the wall to minimise the projection. Cricket net lanes are normally 10′ (3m) or 12′ (3.6m) wide and the pouch should be just wide enough to ensure it properly holds the net (if the lanes are very long eg over 25m you may need a slightly wider storage pouch).

Nets should be properly stored to prevent them lying on the floor and becoming a trip hazard. We install our pouches with the top edge of the pouch fitted to a wall at 2m and the 2 corner hooks positioned to hold the front edge taught. We alternatively install storage bags for curtains and storage pouches for net lanes (for the full width of the lane) and both of these can be either fixed to the wall or winched to the ceiling (electrically or manually) to keep side walls clear if required.

Standard sizes:
3m wide
6m wide
Prices for standard sizes or add “extra per m” for different sizes
Price includes wall fixings and 2 hooks for the corner springs

See the technical section for further details and specifications. For an installation quote please provide us your site details.

Additional information


4m wide, 7m wide, Extra per m