Cricket nets ceiling storage


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Heavy duty nylon backed PVC storage pouch supported in an aluminium frame which can be winched to the ceiling to store the nets out of the way. These are essential where cricket net lanes back onto a wall where there is a long projection wall hinged basketball goal or where the end wall also needs to be used for fixed PE equipment eg climbing frames. Net lanes are normally 10′ (3m) or 12′ (3.6m) wide and the pouch should be 1.5m wider to ensure it properly holds the net.

Nets should be properly stored to prevent them lying on the floor and becoming a trip hazard. We supply and install storage bags for curtains and storage pouches for net lanes (for the full width of the lane) and both of these can be either fixed to the wall or winched to the ceiling (electrically or manually) to keep side walls clear if required.

Alloy frame and end sections
PVC pouch
Overhead pulleys and track bracket
Lifting cables
Wall pulleys
Manual winch and wall fixings (electric winch is an optional extra)

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