Cricket indoor nets double lane


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These are easy to pull out or close with one person and store neatly back on the wall or alternatively they can be winched to the ceiling. Cricket indoor net lanes are normally 3m or 3.6m wide and can be made to any length to suit a sports hall. Track is normally supported from the ceiling beams at 7.6m above floor level (to allow sufficient clearance for badminton) and other sports.

Our indoor net lanes are particularly easy to use and durable because we use FreeRoll ball raced runners which minimise the force required to open and close the nets resulting in less stretching of the netting over time. We also use knotted netting rather than knotless as it maintains its shape better over time.

A bowlers end net should normally be provided either as a separate net along the end wall of the hall or alternatively by extending the outer wing net round a 90 degree turn to the side wall.

Double bay cricket nets comprising

3 alloy Spacespan track lengths 15-20m long (recommended) including track hangers and wall brackets
FreeRoll ball raced trackway runners
3 wing nets 15-20m long, 2 back nets and 2 roof nets 3-3.6m wide in 50mm white nylon mesh
3 wing net sight screens, 4.5m long x 2m high, white
2 back net sight screens 2m high, white
1 wall fixed storage pouch

To order please specify
height and length of cricket nets required
width of lane required
length of sight screen required
whether trackway or wire is required
whether nets are to be stored against the wall or in the ceiling
height and description/dimensions of structure to which trackway is to be fixed

Price subject to specification and installation requirements.

See the technical section for further details and specifications. For an installation quote please provide us your site details.