Cornilleau Performance table tennis bats



500 ITTF 3 star bat
3 star bat for advanced players. Made from soft plywood.

600 ITTF 4 star bat
ITTF 4 star rated bat designed for advanced players who want to further improve their game.
Made from 6mm Nordic soft plywood with an anatomical handle. 1.8mm sponge with a black and red rubber covering.
Supplied in a rigid box, which can be re-used as a bat cover.
Bat rating: Speed 8, Spin 7, Control 7.

800 ITTF 5 star bat
ITTF 5 star rated bat. Constructed with a dynamic covering and technical wood, it is ideal for players seeking to develop their technique. The bat is made from technical 6mm semi-hard plywood, has an anatomical handle and 2.1mm sponge with a black and red rubber covering. The 800 bat also features PHS (Perforated Handle System) which has been developed to improve the power of your game by transferring energy to the bat head. The handle has 2 ventilated channels which reduce the effects of hand perspiration, significantly improving performance.
Bat rating: Speed 8, Spin 8, Control 7

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500 ITTF *** bat, 600 ITTF **** bat, 800 ITTF ***** bat