Competition spotting decks

Competition spotting decks for use with competition trampolines. The frames attach to the flat oval of trampoline end rail with 2 spotting deck hooks.


The frames attach to the flat oval trampoline end rail with the 2 spotting deck hooks and support the mats at each end. When not in use the frames fold & store the mats.
Spotting deck mats have a wedged edge and are made with a heavy duty nylon backed PVC and filled with soft foam. These sit on top of the spotting decks at each end of the trampoline.
Price per pair of decks, including mats.

The mats are also available seperately. Price per mat.

The complete set includes 2 stands with 2 hooks each and 2 safety mats. The mat sizes are:
Length 3m (10′)
Width 2m (6’6″)
Depth 200mm (8″)