Climbing frame top tubes



This allows climbing ropes, rope ladders, hand rings, trapeze or even a scramble net to be fitted. Top tubes are either a round tube 4″ (100mm) diameter with flat ends and either 9′, 10′ or 12′ length for the Cave Southampton climbing frames or a square tube 3″ (75mm) square with flat ends and 10′ length with rings fitted at the rope attachment points (the ropes are fixed with a D shackle) for Niels Larsen climbing frames.

All rope attachments have a 4″ diameter spliced eye at the top end (Cave frames) or a D shackle (Niels Larsen).

Sizes available:
9′ (2743mm) long, 4″ (100mm) diameter
10′ (3048mm) long, 4″ (100mm) diameter
12′ (3658mm) long, 4″ (100mm) diameter
10′ (3048mm) long, 3″ (75mm) square with 4 welded attachment loops

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10' long, round, 10' long, square, 12' long, round, 9' long, round