Burma bridge


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Burma bridges (Toggle bridges) can be made to any size but standard sizes are 16′ and 24′ (4.9m and 7.3m) long. Toggle bridges are made with 36mm diameter foot ropes, 28mm hand ropes and 16mm links at 600mm centres, all in polypropylene and with galvanised shackles rivetted to both ends of each rope.

To attach the bridge to the frame 3 off 5/8″ D shackles will be required on the fixed end plus either 3 bottlescrews or 9 off 5/8″ D shackles and 3 lengths of chain. These are not included in the price.

Standard sizes:
4.9m (16′) long
7.3m (24′) long

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16' long, 24' long