Box of Tricks set



Box of Tricks activities engage children in developing basic movement activities including jumping, landing, rolling, locomotor skills, body preparation, throwing, aiming and coordination. The various activities will help to enhance flexibility, strength, spatial awareness and balance and are excellent for helping deliver the requirements of Key Stages 1 and 2. The support pack includes comprehensive notes on usage and example lesson plans for delivering the requirements of the Key Stages.

Perhaps most important of all, Box of Tricks activities are great fun and allow children boundless scope for their energy and imagination. All the items can be replaced or purchased individually or as the complete Box of Tricks which comprises
a box top
movement table
set of 8 striplines
foot launcher and ball
set of 12 tapsticks
padded target and missiles
plain target and 8 bean bags
wobble board
rocker board
small steps
large steps
set of 6 cubes and marker
set of 4 grip poles
storage trolley
support pack