Basketball goals forward folding


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The goal has a long ladder section arm hinged at the ceiling with the board set at the correct angle for any projection over 2.2m from an end wall. The back board is fitted to a steel frame with the ring bolting through to the frame so as to protect the board when “dunking”. The goal is lowered by manual or electric winch and is supported in the correct position by its own weight on secondary support cables (at no less than 25 degrees from vertical) and when not in use is stored neatly in or just below the ceiling. These basketball goals can be made to suit most building heights and are the most effective solution for large projections, an offset court, or where a side hinged goal would interfere with other equipment eg cricket net lanes or wall fixed PE apparatus.

These can be ordered with an acrylic board or Slam Dunk ring instead.

The goal includes
1.8 x 1.05m x 15mm (6′ x 3′ 6″) laminated back board (acrylic optional)
Competition ring with 20mm solid steel ring and welded net hooks complete with net
Complete steel backframe for the board and ring fixings and main arm up to 6m maximum
Main top hinge, lifting pulley frame
Manual winch and fixing bracket with all fixings (electric winch optional)
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