Bar boxes


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Bar boxes are 4’6″ (1.37m) long, come with 3 sections (3′ height in 2 sections only) and are available in 3 heights. The middle section (bottom section on the 3′ bar box) incorporates a timber platform and the top section has a padded leather top. All sections have rubber feet and can be used on their own or with the adjacent section.

Bar boxes can be ordered either with or without a wheeling device which enables it to be jacked up and wheeled away rather than being carried – just press the pedal to jack onto the wheels, push the box to a new location and press the pedal to lower it. The wheeling device includes 4 swivel castors and a lever action pedal lift to fit to bar boxes and vaulting boxes and can be retrofitted to old boxes if required.

Bar boxes are available in the following heights:
All bar boxes are 4’6″ (1.37m) long and available in 3 heights
3′ (914mm) high with 2 sections
3’6″ (1067mm) high with 3 sections
4’2″ (1.27m) high with 3 sections

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3' 6" high, 3' 6" high, with wheels, 3' high, 3' high, with wheels, 4' 2" high, 4' 2" high, with wheels, Wheeling gear only