Inspection of Equipment

Gym-Tech specialise in the inspection, maintenance & repair of sports, gym, play, PE & gymnastics equipment.
All sports equipment should be regularly inspected to ensure it is safe to use and complies with relevant health & safety requirments and standards. Any maintenance or repair should also be carried out to ensure compliance.
We carry out this service in all locations with sports equipment including schools, leisure facilities & gyms.

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Sports equipment inspection, maintenance & repair

All indoor & outdoor sports equipment should be inspected regularly by a competent person to ensure it is safe to use. Following inspection any required repairs or maintenance should be carried out.

What we do:

Firstly, we arrange to carry out the inspection at a date and time which best suits you.

During our visit we fully inspect all relevant equipment, carrying out any minor repairs & maintenance at the same time.

After our visit we send a full report advising what has been inspected, noting which items have passed the inspection & which items have been repaired. The report will also contain any items which require more extensive repair or need replacing, and quote a cost for doing this.

We also include a recommendation service, where we advise of new products or optional services we are able to offer. This is a free & no obligation service, designed to enhance our inspection, maintenance & repair service.

Upon completion we issue a health & safety certificate to confirm all relevant items are safe to use.

Our customers:

We pride ourselves on offering a professional service, backed by experienced engineers to carry out the site visits and dedicated office staff to deal with all aspects of your inspection, from initial enquiry through to completion of the work & after sales.

We have a wide variety of customers including schools & universities, leisure centres & gyms, prisons & hospitals, military & emergency services sites & premises.

Individual inspection & repair:

We also inspect, maintain & repair equipment on a one off basis. We can inspect larger items such as trampolines or climbing frames, and we can repair all types of faulty or damaged sports equipment, both indoors & outdoors.

How often should inspections be carried out?

There is no specific time between inspections, but generally we recommend they are carried out annually. Certain types of equipment or equipment used continually may require more frequent inspection.

We will tailor our service to suit your requirements, and we can offer one off visits, annual services or long term contracts, with our visits arranged at times & dates to suit you.