Flooring Refurb and Court Marking

Gym-Tech specialise in the repair, refurbishment & sand and seal of wood or polyurethane sports floors. All sports floors should be regularly & correctly cleaned, and should also be maintained to give optimum performance
and prolong their life span.

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Wooden Sports Floor Refurbishment & Repair

We can sand a wood floor to remove worn or discoloured layers of seal, then re-seal the floor to restore protection & grip. Depending on the floors condition it may require one, two or three layers of seal removing, or if badly worn or discoloured it may require sanding back to bare wood.

After sanding, the appropriate layers of new seal are applied, with any court markings required laid before adding the final coat of seal.

We use specialist sanding machines, sanding belts & sport-specific seals to achieve the correct, high-quality finish required for a sports floor.

While sanding the floor we can also carry out any repairs required to the wood, either by re-fitting loose boards or replacing damaged boards.

Sealing the floor Polyurethane floor

Polyurethane (PU) floors can be refurbished by removing the top layer and re-coating with a new PU layer. The floor can also be repaired by cutting out any damaged sections & replacing them with a new PU section.

Court Marking

We apply painted court markings for any sport on wood & polyurethane sports floors.

Court markings are applied to wood floors by sanding the top layer of seal, removing any existing markings, then applying the new court markings. A new layer of seal is then applied on top of the new markings for added protection.

Court markings are applied to polyurethane by cleaning the surface, removing any existing markings, then applying new court markings. A different type of paint is used for PU floors as there is no seal applied on top.

We use specialist sports paints to achieve the best results in terms of appearance & longevity.

Guidelines advise the correct design, dimensions & colour to use for each sport for official competition use, although these can be altered to suit the individual sports hall if not being used for competitions.