Safety Inspection, Maintenance & Repair


Our service includes inspection of all required equipment, with most repairs carried out immediately whilst on site by

our CRB accredited engineers.

This is followed by a full report advising condition of equipment, repairs carried out & advice of any further repairs required.

On completion of all works a health & safety certificate is issued.

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Sports hall and Gymnasium inspection and maintenance

Every gymnasium and sports hall should have an annual inspection (at least) and maintenance carried out by a reputable company to ensure the facilities are safe for use. are the leading specialist providing inspection, maintenance and repair services for PE, gymnastic, sports and fitness equipment and sports surfaces. Some reasons for and benefits of having regular inspections and maintenance are:

  • Establishments owe a Duty of Care to all users of their facilities;
  • Teachers owe a high duty of care to students, the care that would be expected of a reasonable parent, whether in school, on weekends or holidays (in loco parentis);
  • Legislation requires managers, PE teachers and coaches to have carried out Risk Assessments to identify risks and implement measures to mitigate these (the managing body or principle is responsible for ensuring such a system is in operation from 1/1/93);
  • PE equipment carries a high risk and requires regular inspection and servicing by specialists – British Standard 1892 Part 1:1986 states “An inspection should be carried out at least once a year.”
  • “A stitch in time saves nine”. It is generally more cost effective to keep your equipment in good order than have to pay for disposal and replacement or an extensive repair.

How can our expertise help you?

  • is a leading specialist provider of comprehensive safety inspection, report, repair and maintenance services for all makes of gymnasium, sports, fitness and playground equipment.
  • We help you to comply with British Standard 1892 Part 1:1986, British Standard 1892 Part 2 Section 2.9:1986 for gymnastic equipment, British Standard 5696 Part 3:1979 for playground equipment, British Standards 7188 and 7044 for surfaces, BAALPE recommendations and relevant HSE guidelines;
  • One call and we can help with your requirements from inspections, maintenance and repairs to all makes of sports, gymnastic, playground and fitness equipment to slip testing of floors, resurfacing floors and court marking;
  • Our engineers have many years of experience – we can advise on the most cost effective action;
  • We hold extensive stocks of our own and other manufacturers parts so we can repair equipment with minimal downtime and at least overall cost.

What can you expect from us?

  • Excellent customer service with all staff dedicated to exceeding your expectations;
  • Team of qualified engineers with fully equipped vehicles able to carry out most repairs immediately on site;
  • Report on all work carried out on the day and a full report on any further repairs required or recommendations together with costings within 5 working days;
  • Safety certificate issued immediately on completion of all maintenance and required repairs to give you peace of mind and for your Health and Safety records;
  • Call outs for emergency repairs generally within 5 working days.

What can we do for you?

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of all gymnastic and sports equipment;
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of most fitness equipment including the electronics;
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of most playground equipment including bark, tile and wet pour safety surfacing;
  • Inspection, slip testing, maintenance, repair and refurbish of wood, Granwood, polyurethane and vinyl sports floors;
  • Inspection and maintenance of climbing walls.

For advice or a maintenance quote please contact us.