Sports Hall & Gymnasium Installations

Gym-Tech manufacture, supply & install an extensive range of sports hall equipment.

We manufacture goals & posts, including basketball, badminton, five-a-side football, hockey, netball & volleyball.
We install rebound boards & dividing curtains, plus cricket net lanes.
We lay court markings for any sport, plus repair & refurbish wood & polyurethane floors.
We also supply a wide range of sports equipment suitable for use in sports halls.

See below for more information about our most popular services & products

Basketball Goals

Gym-Tech manufacture & install a full range of basketball goals, from wall-mounted practice goals to ceiling-mounted retracting competition goals.

Wall mounted:
We install basketball goals in practice or regulation sizes, which can be mounted flush to the wall or on projection brackets. We can also install adjustable height goals plus side or upward folding goals.

Ceiling mounted:
Our ceiling mounted goals can be installed to almost any height, either forward or backward folding and with either manual or electric winches.

Basketball rings:
We offer practice, heavy-duty & competition rings, plus a full range of slam dunk rings.

Dividing Curtains, Division Netting & Rebound Boards

Gym-Tech install dividing curtains & rebound boards to divide sports halls into seperate sections & to provide protection to users within each area. Curtains can be supplied to any height, length & layout and as either mesh netting, solid fabric or a combination of both with a fabric site screen at the bottom, attached to the netting above. The curtains can be either ceiling mounted or on tensioned wire, and they can be fixed or mounted on trackway to allow them to be opened & closed.

Rebound boards can be installed to provide a solid division or boundary within a sports hall. These comprise solid boards which slot into place to form a protective division in the hall. If required the boards can be removed & stored to open up the hall. Rebound boards can also have dividing curtains fitted above them.

Ceiling Protection Netting

Gym-Tech install netting to protect the ceiling, lighting, heating & ventilation from damage. The netting is installed by fixing tensioned wire around the sports hall wall at a fixed height below the ceiling. The netting is then hung from the wire across the hall.

Fire retardent netting is used due to the proximity of the halls lighting. The netting can also be removed to allow access to the ceiling for maintenance purposes.

Cricket Nets

Gym-Tech install indoor cricket nets in white 50mm netting comprising wing, side & back nets with site screens at the batters end. A bowlers end net can also be fitted at the opposite end of the hall. The nets can be installed in single or multiple bays, and are fitted to aluminium trackway for easy opening & closing. We supply & install ceiling or wall net storage pouches to keep the nets neatly & safely stored when not in use. We also supply cricket matting with plain, rubber crumb or PVC backing.

Sports Floor Refurbishment & Repair

Gym-Tech specialise in the refurbishment & repair of wooden & polyurethane sports floors. We can sand a wood floor to remove worn or discoloured layers of seal, then re-seal the floor to restore protection & grip.

We use specialist sanding machines & sanding belts to achieve this, plus sport-specific seals to achieve the correct finish. While sanding & sealing we can also carry out any repairs required to the wood, and also replace existing court markings or add new markings.

Polyurethane floors can be refurbished by removing the top layer and re-coating with a new PU layer. The floor can also be repaired by cutting out any damaged sections & replacing them with a new PU section.

Court Marking

We apply painted court markings for any sport on wood & polyurethane sports floors. Court markings are applied to wood floors by sanding the top layer of seal, removing any existing markings, then applying the new court markings. A new layer of seal is then applied on top of the new markings for added protection.

Court markings are applied to polyurethane by cleaning the surface, removing any existing markings, then applying new court markings. A different type of paint is used for PU floors as there is no seal applied on top.

We use specialist sports paints to achieve the best results in terms of appearance & longevity.

Guidelines advise the correct design, dimensions & colour to use for each sport for official competition use, although these can be altered to suit the individual sports hall if not being used for competitions.